Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In search of a calendar?

Some time ago, I wrote about the Beautiful Black Beauty Print by the very talented Fotogräfin.

Now she's giving away a copy of her gorgeous Photo Calendar. Thanks for this great opportunity!
You can also buy your copy here.

Phew! Now I'm in search of calendars out of yarn and fabric to rediscover my roots…

Friday, November 19, 2010

DaWanda Finds: Advent Wreaths

It is only nine days till first Advent Sunday! Check out these wonderful wreaths and lookalikes:

01. White Winter Magic Wreath
Weißer Winterzauber Kranz aus Papiergarn by starpoint

02. The Slightly Different Advent Wreath
Der etwas andere Adventskranz by isy72

03. Shabby Chic Angel
Shabby Chic Zapfen Engel by qunstundqrempel

04. Porcelain Advent Wreath
Adventskranz by porzellanke

05. Advent Wreath for Purists
Adventskranz für Puristen by s-a-c-h-e-n-m-a-c-h-e-r

06. White Silver Advent Wreath
Weiß silberner Adventskranz by Jackox

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A new kid in town

I just started my personal blog! It's so exciting, yay!

I'm blogging about my handicraft projects and sometimes other stuff. Would be great if you take a glance and follow me. Thank you!

Please find the English translation here! Commenting will work too in the translated version…

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DaWanda finds: Black Cats

In memory of my little black cat, who was my faithful friend in my childhood, I would like to present you the 10 most beautiful black cats on DaWanda today.

For those who don't know DaWanda. It's a kind of European etsy – a portal for handmade favorites.

01. Cool Black Cat Stud Earrings

Black Cat Stud Earrings by Tizzalicious. Find her (English) blog here!

02. Adorable Cat Hair Slide

Katze/Haarklemmchen by HeyHo. Find her new blog here!

03. Beautiful Black Beauty Print

Black Beauty by Fotograefin. Fing her blog here!

04. Cute Skirt with Cat

Süßer Rock mit Katze:) by Nemae_kul.

05. Little Kitty Application »Miezie«

Kätzchen »Miezie« Applikation by Stoffzauber.

06. Cheeky Cat Cupcake Chain

Katzen Cupcake Kette by Candy-Heaven.

07. Noble Eyeglass Case »Coco Cat«

Brillenetui *Coco Cat* by baeumig.

08. Chic Dance Skirt »Mieze«

Schicker ♥ Mieze ♥ Tanzrock by goldy030.

09. Amigurumi Crochet Pattern »Little Cat Fianna«

Amigurumi Häkelanleitung »Kleine Katze Fianna« by Janagurumi.

10. Sweet Stuffed Cat »Missy«

Süße Katze Missy by YveCouture.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog hint: raumseelig.blogspot.com

Today, I'd like to present my beloved blog raumseelig. Every time I read a new post from Barbara, I'm as happy as a little child.

She has an incredibly good taste and will enjoy every one of you who's in love with shabby chic. Her mostly chrocheted and sewn projects are done with so much love!

Unfortunately, the blog is in German. Here you'll find the Google translation.

Please drop in on her shop, or watch out for her free granny squares and granny stars tutorials.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog hint: ravenhill.typepad.com

If I'm on Ravenhill, it's always like a visit to the fairy land
I am an American happily living in Norway with my Norwegian husband and two young children. Staying at home with my children allows me to share in everything they do and gives me some time to enjoy all the crafts I love. Whenever I can I am busily knitting, sewing, crocheting, embroidering, beading, or making cards.

Ok, I spend a lot of time blogging too. Please visit my blog if you would like to see more of what I make.

This blog is definitely worth reading. Also try out her tutorials! I can recommend the »Cute as a Button« flower tutorial. Beautiful!! And so easy!

Look! I did it:

Last but not least, take a glance at the fancy shop